Resident Evil Idol

This is one of my newest series. It features 18 RE characters who have to sing there way to the top. The scoring is based on there quality, the song they choose, and there performance if they do one. Also, the viewers get to make the votes happen by commenting. Leggy is the Host and I am the co-host as well as the producer.

The idea came to me when I heard a song called One in a Million. It just made me think of American Idol, which I don't watch. I don't know how but something just clicked and presto, a series was born. I'm hoping that with this series, It will set my Youtube carrer in motion, or atleast get me some more fans. At the moment, I really edging to have my friend powerbar15 be my partner, but I haven't had an answer yet. It's looking to be the only way to make it into a series.  

Now the first episode is almost complete. It will be airing sometime in early July. Powerbar is now the artist, co-host, and animator of Resident Evil Idol. Leggy still belongs as host and will remain there.