The Begining

Welcome to ShadowLeggy! This website is a tribute to one of my friends, ShadowLeggy. It all started when I discovered Youtube and searched for Resident Evil videos. At the first moment I saw Resident Evil Numa, I knew I'd found another huge fan. After a while of watching and a few brief conversations with her, I started to think of her as a close friend, even though we haven't met. I don't know or care how she feels about me because I will always be her loyal fan. 

STARSMember930 (STARS)  


At this moment Leggy and I are still friends. I plan to do some more tributes to her, but decided to take time to do this website since I think this is more meaningful. I realize so many fans beg to be in her videos and beg to be part of her group, but I she wants me in either one then she will put me there. As long as she knows that I care, thats all that matters.